Whitehall Township Authority




Due to the progression of the COVID-19 virus, and for the protection of our employees and community, we are closing the Authority building to visitors during normal business hours, in line with the same protocol as the Whitehall Township Municipal Building.  Until further notice, and until the Governor waives approval deadlines, we will continue to welcome the public to scheduled and advertised meetings.  Please call 610-770-1155 for specific information. 

Water payments may be made by mail or placed in our off-hour delivery box to the left of the entrance to our office building.  If you send your payment by mail and want a receipt, please enclose a postage paid return envelope.  You can visit our website at www.whitehalltownshipauthority.org to pay by debit or credit card. 

Throughout this evolving Coronavirus pandemic, our first job is to safely and reliably deliver water to our customers.  We’ve suspended non-critical repair work on water meters and equipment if that work requires contact with a customer or the public.  We’ve suspended work that requires us to enter a customer’s home or business unless the work can be done without direct contact with a customer or others. 

 We will not cut off water service to any customer for unpaid bills until further notice.  We’ll keep monitoring the situation and will change our policies as needed.  You depend on us and we’ll continue to deliver for you.  

                                                                                                                                                                     WTA On-line Bill Pay:

Office Address:                                                                     
1901 Schadt Avenue                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
Whitehall, PA 18052-3728                        
Office Hours:
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM                                                                    
Monday - Friday

If you have any questions or general comments, you may contact the office at:
Phone: 610-770-1155 
Fax: 610-770-8964


Henry R. Weber, Chairman
Richard L. Fahringer, Vice Chairman
Jason P. Szewczak, Secretary
Stanley R. Wimmer, Treasurer
Lloyd L. Schafer, Assistant Treasurer/Secretary

Lisa A. Helm, Manager 

John O. Stover, Solicitor
Joseph N. Santilli, Engineer

”Providing quality service since 1947.”

Whitehall Township Authority provides water service for 2,885 connections (serving a population of 13,600) in Whitehall Township and North Whitehall Township. The authority’s source of supply is groundwater.

The Board of the Whitehall Township Authority meets on the third Monday of each month in the Authority building. All public meetings begin at 1:00 P.M. The public is invited to attend and to be heard on any issue relevant to the Authority. 

Schedule of Water Rates (effective as of January 1, 2020):

Water rate = $5.50 per 1,000 gallons for all water consumption

Meter Size Minimum Charge Based on $5.50/1,000 gallons for the first …
Residential Quarterly Accounts:
5/8″x3/4″ $27.50/quarter 5,000 gallons
Commercial Monthly Accounts:
5/8″x3/4″ $27.50/month 5,000 gallons
1″  $82.50/month 15,000 gallons
1 1/2″ $192.50/month 35,000 gallons
2″ & 3″ $385.00/month 70,000 gallons
4″ $550.00/month 100,000 gallons
6″ $1,100.00/month 200,000 gallons
8″ $1,650.00/month 300,000 gallons
10″ $2,200.00/month 400,000 gallons
12″ $2,750.00/month 500,000 gallons


Please click on the link below to view a video which highlights the value of Authorities in your community